Raffle of One Ton of BBQ Pellets (Paid invoices between October 10-November 12)





Lumber Jack is sponsoring a raffle that will award one winner free BBQ pellets! The winner will be reimbursed their BBQ pellet one-ton purchase price portion of their order for our standard variety* of pellets (but not shipping). For example, you buy a ton of BBQ Pellets for $465 and pay $200 additional in delivery fees. You would be refunded the $465 BBQ Pellet portion.






Note: There will be a single winner. Only one full-ton purchases of the Standard Pellet Varieties are eligible for the drawing. One entry per customer (regardless of the number of tons order).






*Standard Pellet Variety:






100% Varieties (Hickory, Cherry, Maple, Oak)






40% Flavor Wood Blends (Apple, Cherry, Hickory, Pecan, Maple, Mesquite)






Blends, 33.3% Each (Oak-Hickory-Cherry, Maple-Hickory-Cherry)



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