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Are Lumber Jack Pellets Compatible with My Smoker/Grill?

Our Pellets Work in all major brands of grills.
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Pellet Pricing & Flavors

Variety is the spice of life find our pricing and pellets flavors here.
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How to I light the Smokin Wedgie?

It is as easy as 1-2-3 to light the smoking wedgie.
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How do you save me money on my pallet purchase?

We work hard to save you money on shipping  find out how we do it.
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What is the size of your average pallet?

Pallet Sizes may be different based upon your pellet purchase. For LumbeJack Pellets you can find more here.
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Do you oils or added ingredients to your pellets?

We do not use any additives, flavored oils, or scents in making our BBQ wood pellets. What you are buying is 100% hard wood Barbeque pellets.

What is the best source for BBQ Pellet Wood?

We are often asked which is better "Whole log sourced pellets or pellets made from scrap wood?"
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I am having trouble lighting my pellets, why is that?

Most hard to ignite and cold burning wood pellets have absorbed too much moisture to work properly, always keep your BBQ pellets dry and sealed. Store in a dry and moisture free atmosphere.

Are your pallets sourced sustainably?

Absolutely, our suppliers pride themselves on sustainability. A clean healthy environment makes our business possible.

All of our pellets are sourced locally and from sustainable sources.

Our Customers Matter

At BBQ Pellets Online we care about you. Our focus is on providing the highest quality pellets and supplies.

Then we work to save you as much on shipping as we can. Often we quote the shipment of a large order 3 or more ways to find the lowest rate for you.
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