I ordered and have a received a pellet order from BBQ Pellets Online. I must admit that I was somewhat skeptical about placing this order rather than ordering and receiving directly from a pellet provider. Now that the process is completed I have nothing but compliments and satisfaction for Seth and his company. From order date to receiving the pellets took only 10 days (shipping was over 1000 miles). Throughout this entire process Seth was professional, courteous, and provided punctual and accurate information. I certainly will not hesitate to order from them again.

Living in Sheridan, Wyoming, the only pellets available in this area are Treager, which I feel are not the most desirable and at a price of about $20.00 per bag. The product from Pellets Online is Lumberjack, which is considered top quality and were delivered for $10.60 per bag.


JT Richer – a happy customer!



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