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  • Seth, I can't see the information, on the Joomla site, how the costs are calculated. - Please provide details.
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  • Seth --- I did not add this "duckfat" field, someone else did that. I only moved it up here. - I am not sure about the wording. On another form (http://cabbqsupply.com/bulk-selection/) , I was asked to add the duckfat in and used these two titles: "Gourmet Duck Fat Spray Can (7 Ounce)" & "Gourmet Duck Fat Spray 2 Cans (7 Ounce Each)"... Should I use those, or do you really want "30 Single" & "31 Double"? ---- Also, this must be the wrong field type??? This only allows you to select one of the other, but no "amounts" of this product. - This may cause problems with calculations. --- Can I change the field type?
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  • Seth, I got these lists from two different forms. - You can let me know which names are "in" and which may be "out".
  • Seth, please supply me with that list of secondary shippers. - I don't seem to be able to find it, at the back end of the Joomla site. - All I see in that list there is "secondary".
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