The story of Monkey Ass


With a name like Monkey Ass there simply has to be a story, right?

Well, there is.

Monkey Ass was born during a conversation about great food and grilling. BBQ Legend Seth Fischer owner of was speaking with his team. They were talking about the powerful flavors that you can get from pellet cooking and cooking with wood. Then his marketing manager asked, “Why do you not have your own brand of sauce?”

Seth responded, “You know that is a great question. I love BBQ so much that I built my business to help others enjoy grilling more, and cook the best fresh food for their families.” He paused then said, “You know I feel foolish for not doing this sooner, yep I feel like an ass.”

Joking his employee said “Horses Ass?”

Seth understood the sense of humor and replied “more like Monkey Ass”

Then the name stuck in their minds. The visual of a baboon’s bright red bottom came into mind. Next came the iconic logo, and the fun brand was born.

Asked about the logo and the name Seth said, “We knew the logo and name would catch your attention. Then when you try our sauce, the taste and hint of heat would have you coming back for more.”

“It is really the flavor that will make you love our brand. We are happy if you laugh about the brand at the same time.”


My Favorite New Hot Sauce Brand of 2020!

Uncle Lee–Author of Uncle Lee’s Guide to Grilling


When you want great taste in the bottle (not on the label) trust Monkey Ass Hot Sauce.

Order your own 3 pack of Monkey Ass Hot Sauce today, for a fun authentic brand with real flavor. With each bottle, you receive the flavor that will win the hearts of those that try this unique brand.



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