Wanted to follow up with you one more time. We got the pellets distributed to all the partners in the buy today. (And I got paid! Haha) We are all very pleased with the product and I couldn't be happier with how you guys made the whole purchase and delivery process so easy. Many, many thanks and hats off to you for a well run business.

Just to let you know, there were on the order of 5 or 6 bags in the pallet that were slightly mangled. We didn't lose any more than maybe a 1/2lb of pellets. Having a roll of boxing tape on hand helped to take care of the leaks. This is not a complaint - just info for you. I actually think it's pretty phenomenal that it all stayed intact!! Hahaha. Hell, I ripped one a little just putting it into MY truck. 🙂

Anyway, keep up the good work!! We'll for sure be doing business again when I get low on pellets. I'd love to come see how you guys make these things. Maybe someday I'll be up that way....I could put together about a 3 ton order, and come get them myself!! That would be a cool road trip.

Okay, I'll stop rambling. Can't wait to cook with these pellets.

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