There are a few ways to save on the BBQ Pellets themselves..


Order Larger Quanities

If you and a friend were just looking for a quarter ton, consider ordering a half-ton.

If you and a friend were just looking for a half ton, consider ordering a full-ton.


Pellets last a long time and won't break down if kept dry (and not moved 100 times). Generally, increasing your order size drops the delivered per bag price by 50% (from 1/4 to 1/2 to Full-ton).


Order 40 Pound Bags instead of 20 Pound Bags

It takes more labor and plastic for 20 pound bags compared to 40 pound bags, so we have to charge more. If you don't absolutely need 20 pound bags, go for 40 pounds and save the extra $30 a ton.


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Also, do not miss out on group buys to save money by ordering with others in your area!



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