Cooking on a wood pellet BBQ opens up a wide range of flavor sensations for meat, veggies and even baked goods. But many consumers are unaware of the wood pellets available and how different types affect overall taste. Find out which flavor you prefer for your wood pellet grill, and try a few new ones. You're bound to be surprised with delicious results.


Natural Flavored Wood Pellets



Pellet manufacturers focus on good quality wood when designing and producing their product. They also choose from the most popular natural flavors, pellets that bring a certain smoky, woodsy flavor into food. Check out the food pairings for these wood pellet flavors:



  • * Alder - this pellet goes with any meat (beef, pork, chicken, fish, lamb and turkey) and fuses your food with an earthy taste that's not too overpowering. * Hickory - this best selling wood pellet will get used on a regular basis and allows you to prepare great tasting beef, pork, chicken and turkey
  • * Maple - this perennial favorite offers a tang of sweetness and works well with beef, pork and turkey
  • * Mesquite - spicy and sharper than the other natural flavors, this pellet gives fish a zip and blends well with beef and chicken
  • * Oak - mellow and familiar, oak wood pellets deliver best results with beef or fish on the grill.
  • * Pecan - with a slightly sweet, nutty flavor, this pellet takes poultry to a new level and creates wonderfully tasting beef and pork



Fruit Flavored Wood Pellets



If you cook with a wood pellet BBQ, plan to purchase at least a sampling of fruit flavored pellets. These products offer a unique taste sensation, using the wood from fruit trees to take your grilling to a new level. Try these food and pellet pairings next time you grill:



  • * Apple - the most popular fruit flavored pellet, this type works well with pork and poultry, lending a tartness to the dish
  • * Cherry - use this pellet for a gourmet flavor on beef, pork and chicken



Oak is used to blend some pellets manufactured in the Midwest and East coast of the United States.



Alder is used to blend some pellets manufactured on the West Coast of the United States.



Choosing the best flavor for your wood pellet grill involves some experimentation. Be willing to try new types and switch up the meat to discover that perfect combination your whole family will love.


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