What are the best cuts of meat for your next BBQ?

If you are interested in cooking beef for your next BBQ and you want it to be a slow and low cook, choose Brisket. Brisket is from the shoulder and is generously marbled with fat, this keeps the meat moist, and also tender. Brisket also benefits from a long smoke-filled cook. So you will want to use a smoker or a pellet grill for the very best result. The reason for the pellet grill or smoker is the lower temperature they can cook at well, and most importantly the smoke.

I recently had a conversation with a friend from Australia. In my mind when I think of the outback and so many areas of their Nation I think of wild unsettled land. So mentally I just assumed that they would be huge on BBQ. He said that he had never had brisket before, and when another American friend cooked it for him at a backyard BBQ he fell in love. Friends, you do not have to be from another country to have not yet tried a slow-cooked, and smoked BBQ brisket. When you try it you will be oh so glad you have. The meat is tender when cooked slow and it will absorb the quality of many great woods like Hickory or even Cherry.

What if you want to cook pork instead of beef what is the best piece of pork to cook with?

Now just like beef, there may be people who do not agree with me but for my money, there are two cuts of pork you should consider. Pork Shoulder, and Pork Butt. Each packs a ton of flavor into the meat and respond well to a low and slow cook. We do not have to settle the great BBQ debate over the style of BBQ for your pork here. Both of these cuts of meat are great for a pork BBQ. If you are cooking for a larger group choose the pork butt.

About the pork butt:

Now with the name butt you would think that the butt is just that from the butt of the pig. It is not. The name comes from a shipping method used for cuts of pork back in the 1700s. The pork butt is actually the shoulder. It often refers to the upper front shoulder of the pig. The entire shoulder is broken down into two portions the butt and the picnic.

If you want more smoke out of everything you cook and to have the best BBQ hands down, you need to cook with pellets and use the Smokin Wedgie to kick things up a notch.


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